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How Net-Tell LLC Phone Service is a Great Deal

June 30, 2017

Most customers who sign up for a Net-Tell LLC telephone calling plan tend to love the service. That is because their plan provides them with a better home telephone experience, even though it will likely cost less than the local telephone company. That’s because, instead of hard phone lines that require a lot of capital to build out and maintain, Net-Tell LLC service uses VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol to route calls over an existing broadband Internet connection.

The only real difference between Net-Tell LLC and traditional phone companies comes with the bill. Instead of plugging your standard landline phone into a standard phone line, you connect it to your broadband router and use the Internet to call your family or friends or, if you’re in business, you can call customers, clients or business associates without using your cell phone minutes or data. Net-Tell LLC monthly service, customers get unlimited calling with no long distance charge, as well as free services such as Caller ID service for all incoming calls, Caller ID blocking for the calls you make to others, and anonymous call blocking, among many other features.